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Long Term Review of Rezistent Gear Upgrade Roof Top Tent Billow Strap

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

This is the original strap I made for myself to replace my factory Tepui Billow strap. I used Cordura webbing and ITW Nexus snap buckles and slide. Since it was for my own test use I didnt even load black thread to stitch up the buckles. But after 4 years, the webbing is showing no degradation, the buckles are just as crisp as when I put them on and the holes where the screws mount did not wallow out. You can see with the 1" like the factory uses, it is really only one screw holding the webbing attached but I put reinforcement beyond the plate so that may have helped avoid any movement of the webbing. This strap could easily be put back on and run for many more years, but I have had several requesting 1.5" webbing to replace their factory billow straps, so I put a set on my own tent. The 1" serves its purpose but the 1.5" does give extra room for the screws to mount thru. Always remember the straps are a secondary measure to the cover zipper, so keep your zippers functional also.The Rezistent Gear Billow Straps are available at the website shop here. They are a custom product requiring measurements.

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