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A little history about Overland Expedition Specialists



The driving part is a long story, but it is amazing to think how much of an impact your first car can have on your path in life. It all started with a 1987 Isuzu Trooper two door, so instead of racing up and down the miracle mile, I spent my evenings getting stuck behind the lake and learning extraction techniques. Then in 2000 in Hot Springs Arkansas, at the present location of Superlift Offroad Park, I took a ride with a friend in his CJ7 and discovered the capabilities of a Jeep. So in 2001 I purchased my gold Jeep that has been like a part of the family and taken me all over the western half of the USA. I have added a few more Jeeps since then but that little 4 cylinder with little axles runs with the big boys any day, and helped me continue to learn that driving technique will get you farther than most people will believe.


Extended Camping

Overlanding in the USA is often referred to as a fancy term for camping, and that is probably true. So my overlanding began in early May of 2007 after moving to Telluride Colorado. What started out as just camping until I could find an apartment turned into a 5 month extended camping trip. The term "woodsy" is bestowed upon those that camp in the woods around Telluride due to the rather high cost of living. So "Overlander" or "Woodsy", I have the experience to back up the requirements for extended travel.  Luckily for me with age and experience came some better equipment, so maybe that really is the difference between camping and overlanding.





It all started with a 1987 Isuzu Trooper...

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