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Rezistent Gear

The beginnings of Rezistent Gear came from a 1907 Singer Sewing machine. I bought one for parts to refurbish a family heirloom, but found out it still sewed a really nice stitch. Instead of robbing it of parts, I started tinkering with sewing some stuff during my downtime. After discovering a supplier for Cordura, I started building a bag for the passenger side  for extra storage.  It earned the nickname "JeePurse" because it held so much stuff.

The more I played around the more I learned the difference in quality available to customers, noticing material and stitching quality control was lacking from overseas mass production. I started looking for suppliers of quality goods to provide only the best for Rezistent Gear. We are using 1000 Denier Cordura, Mil-Spec Cordura Webbing, Gutermann Tera 40 thread, and ITW Nexus N.A. buckles and Grimlocs.

In the meantime I upgraded the sewing machine to a 1940s era Singer 201, which is the same model of machine Rolls Royce used in the 1950s because the stitching was considered the finest in the world, and is still considered by many to be some of the best ever available.

We use Made in the USA materials whenever available, and aim to provide a product that is overly built and worthy of the quality that was produced by these machines when craftsmanship was mandatory.

Jeep Dash Bag

We have found Scam websites claiming to sell our gear. There are no other distributors for Rezistent Gear.

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