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With nearly two years of development and testing, our Trailer is nearly finished, atleast as finished as anything related to a Jeep can be. The attention and comments have been great. A few Teasers, it is light enough to tow behind a 4 cylinder on 35s and even nicer behind a V6 JK. It has enough storage for two people to comfortably survive Easter Jeep Safari for a week (and still like each other), secure enough to have nothing walk away and a secret stash 9x6 foot living room.  Any questions just ask! 

Storage galore

Locking storage, and enclosed storage. Roof top Tent and Awning.

4 Cyl crossing Continental Divide

This was a return trip from Moab. The little 4 cyl could still pull the trailer over the continental divide.

Sept 2016

Nearly complete!

Sep 2016

A little high altitude dirt.

Winter in the Mountains

Big tires and lightweight, nice for snow pack.

My first "Tent Trailer" in 07

This was my first "Tent Trailer" creation in Telluride when I thought I would just camp for a week that turned into 5 months.

RV Park

After this sheet of ice, We decided the optional Weatherhood was going to be a standard.


Cool temps are nice and cozy.

We have found Scam websites claiming to sell our gear. There are no other distributors for Rezistent Gear.

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