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Whether traveling or just around town, it has become more important to consider your safety and your loved ones protection. EDC, or Every Day Carry, has become a more mainstream idea. Self Defense items that offer defense with less than lethal results, like Pens or G10 “Push” items have grown in popularity.


A pen that I have become fond of is the Rite in the Rain “Readiness Pen”. The pen has a stronger body with a carbide tip capable of breaking glass or making an uncomfortable situation for anyone attacking you. A perk of this pen is that it writes really well, and even in a digital world, writing is still necessary at unexpected times. But with that sharp point, I needed a cover for when it was in my pocket. So I created the “Protector Pocket”, offering a cover for the pen, and also putting a pocket for emergency cash. While I carry mine in my pocket, maybe a person doesn’t have pockets sometimes, so I added a necklace option onto it. I made the necklace portion out of Technora, which is similar to Kevlar, and has a high melting point, so you can even cut things with the Technora if you really needed to. I added a breakaway clasp because you don’t want to choke yourself, but when not used as a necklace you can stuff the Technora away in the upper pocket above the money pocket.


Some people might want to just keep a pokey thing with them, so there are sharpies with G10 points that can be used as pressure point self defense items. For those, the smaller Protector Pocket is ideal, a regular size pen will also fit the smaller size if you want to alternate. The larger pocket does not work as well for the Sharpie, so choose accordingly.


Protector Pocket

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