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Rubicon Swaybar parts problems


Since I can't post pictures in Youtube comments I am going to try and answer a few questions here. The silver pin at the top of the assembly slides in and out to connect the circuit for the flashing sway bar light. This pin will often stick, its easy to mistake whether the pin is "in or out" when the assembly is pulled off, because the tip can become deformed and look like it is flush when in reality the sliding portion has become stuck. So remember to look at this picture to know how far the silver portion should be beyond the "Actuator" which is the part labeled as "Rolls In". The Pin repair is going to be a case by case fix but be gentle with it, if you pry too hard you can break it from the black casing, or snap the sliding portion off of the pin.

The Actuator rolls in and out to move the spring in the sway bar housing that disconnects the mechanical slide that frees the sway bar halves. This Actuator also has a spring inside the moving portion, so if you have your electric assembly (this whole picture)pulled apart from the mechanical assembly (the part that your sway bars connect inside) and push your sway bar disconnect button you can end up with the Actuator shooting off of the pole that it rides on. It is a real pain to try and get the Actuator back onto the pole. So if you are needing to test that portion I would suggest a second set of hands or putting inside a tight enclosure like a shoe box.

Although not pictured, the mechanical assembly housing (where the actual swaybars connect) is very likely a culprit. Every one I have seen looks like an old sunken shipwreck. It is a simple operating mechanism so it is just important to take your time and pay attention to where the parts connect to each other.

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