These are upgraded Billow Straps for your Roof Top Tent. No longer do your velcro straps pop loose driving down the road. Just like our Hold Down Straps, these are Cordura webbing with ITW buckles. The straps are sold in pairs. The straps are a custom made item requiring a measurement from you to get an accurate size. The measurement will be from mounting point to mounting point. This is most easily done with a soft tape measure but can be done with a regular measuring tape if you will unscrew your current billow strap and lay it flat on the ground in its normal velcroed length.

The Rezistent Gear Billow Straps are available in 1" or 1.5" width. We also sew a reinforcement at the ends of the strap so that if one of the mounting screws comes loose then the reinforcement would catch against the mounting plate. Do Not screw thru the reinforcement, the webbing will still be mounted on the flat part of the webbing. Available in Black webbing with Black Buckles or Black webbing with Tan Buckles.


Place the length needed in the comment section at checkout.


***Sold in Pairs***


***Disclaimer: Billow Straps are a secondary security measure for your cover, make sure your zippers or other main retention method for your tent is in proper working condition.***

Rezistent Gear Roof Top Tent Replacement Billow Strap Upgrade

  • Place measurement length in the comments section at checkout.

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