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Billow Strap Upgrade Instructions

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

1. Unscrew and remove original straps from Tent frame.

2. On both sides place one screw in an outer hole of mounting tab. Place only one screw at this time to create a placeholder for the strap to test fit.

3. Take the long side of the strap and lay the webbing between the mounting tab and the tent frame. Tighten the screw enough to hold the webbing in place but Do Not Screw thru the Webbing at this Point.

4. Spread the strap over the tent and lay the webbing in the other mounting tab on the tent hinge side.

5. Look at where the snap buckle falls on the tent. The snap buckle should fall near the top of the side wall.

6. The ladderloc allows adjustability. With different tent models, the ladderloc should sit atleast 1” from the snap buckle and atleast 1” above the bottom of the tent frame. This allows the strap to be adjusted if more or less bedding is placed in the tent. If this is the case, move on to step 8, if it needs more adjustment move to step 7.

7. If the ladderloc is sitting in the top or bottom 1” of the webbing then move back to the mounting tabs and slide the webbing farther or closer to the mounting tab to allow the ladderloc to be adjusted back toward the center of the side wall. The ladderloc will not need to be perfectly centered on the hinge wall as adjustment will be minimal once the final length is set.

8. Once you are satisfied with where the ladderloc and the snap buckle are sitting on the side wall, you can then return to the mounting tabs and place all of the screws through the mounting tab and into the frame.

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