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Baja Designs S2 Pro Amber Wide Cornering Lens

The video is a poor representation of the actual light output, but it does give a baseline comparison of the light compared to stock Jeep JK headlights. This is a SINGLE Baja Designs S2 Pro, and Baja Designs Squadron Sport. These two lights have similar outputs so they are similar to a matching pair of either. It still doubles the output of the factory light. The benefits of the Amber lens are less light glare off of road signs, better visibility in dusty conditions, and better visibility in snow. The amber color does not reflect as bad as whiter lights do. The Wide Cornering lens is like a supercharged fog light. Distance is about the same as low beam headlights, but it's entire purpose is for wide lighting. The wide lens highlights any animals on the side of the road while also providing a smoother transition when driving in curvy or canyon conditions rather than leaving you with a tunnel of light. I highly recommend it for people who live in mountain areas for these reasons.

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