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Long Term Review Bison SoftPak Cooler and Discount Code

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

Almost 2 years of use the Bison SoftPak 12 can cooler is working flawlessly. All of the stitches are still in the right place. The zippers still zip freely and unlike many other products the stitches holding the zippers are still in original condition. I use it regularly to hold my lunch for the day or when we have some frozen products to transport from the grocery store. The only thing that has come off was the decorative bottle opener but that was because of the ring holding it to the zipper so not a Bison manufactured item. They are Proudly Made In USA so we are proud of them too! Here is a discount code to save $5 off of $100 at their website and they will include free shipping over $50 also. Bison Coolers Discount Code

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We have found Scam websites claiming to sell our gear. There are no other distributors for Rezistent Gear.

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