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Winch Recovery Ring Review and Trail Test

I received my Recovery Ring package from Brennan's Garage in Durango and was excited to get out and test in on a boulder blocking one of our local trails and causing people to erode the shoulder of the trail. I had seen a few videos of Recovery Rings being used with synthetic lines but came across a video of Brennan showing his addition of a retainer block to keep the line snug even when slack was in the line. The package comes with the Recovery Ring, the Retainer Block, a Soft Shackle, a Rub Guard and a bag to store it all in. Initially I used a rope to wrap around the rock and a tree saver for the Recovery Ring. But I did find my second tree saver in the back of the Jeep when it came time to lift the rock so that I could get my rock rope back. I just re-positioned the snatch block to the larger tree past the rock and used the second tree saver to lift the rock enough to free the rope. The package is available at

I did email Brennan afterward and he said the rub guard should not be used between the Ring and The Soft Shackle because the ring will actually run smoother with the Soft Shackle material rather than the nylon material that makes up the rub guard.

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