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Jeep Jk 6 Speed Manual Fluid Change Solution

Having a 2010 Jeep Jk with the NSG370 transmission, I have the exhaust crossing directly under the drain plug for the 6 speed. I bought a special VW 17mm socket only to find that I also needed a 14mm so on my trip to Oreilly's I found a low profile Hex Key socket set that included both, plus more. When I got home the socket wrench still would not fit between the exhaust and the socket in the drain plug. So I took a pair of Vise Grips and a small 11/16" open end wrench. Clamping the Vise Grips on the round end of the socket and then placing the 11/16" on the Hex allowed me to get twice the pressure onto the socket so that the Vise Grips didnt slip, and there was still plenty of Hex in the drain plug to not strip the plug. I used a stubby wrench because it fit, larger wrenches might not allow enough grip, so results may vary, but know that wrenches are out there that work. The socket set was $19.99 at Oreilly's and I'm sure I can find other places to use the sockets like the transfer case, so I would consider it money well spent. With the combo it took me about ten minutes to complete the drain and fill.

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