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Winch Remote Bag v4.0

Updated: Mar 21

One of our most frequently requested items was our Winch Remote Bags, but it was also one of the most difficult to sew. I started rethinking a way to make it more streamlined. I wanted a pocket, and a way to keep the cord from getting tangled. So I started working on version 2.0, it was flatter than the original, but the pocket was a little too small for the 3 different remotes I had. Version 3 got a bigger pocket, but when folded shut, it kind of “bulged”. On to Version 4, I added a third strap to solve the bulge and make everything smooth. Now the Winch Remote bag has a pocket for the controller, an inner buckle to wrap the cord around, and a loop to put the plug to avoid any tangles of the cord. Made with Cordura, and Cordura webbing with Grimlocks to keep it closed plus a Grimlock to hang the bag from headrests or Molle, or anything else you can clip it to. No more lost and tangled winch Controllers!

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