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XJ Rear Disc Brake Conversion How to Video

The brake system on an XJ Cherokee is pretty lacking, especially when larger tires are added. I did the rear disc brake conversion to ZJ parts to bring the XJ into the 21st century. The kit I used came from Jeepforum member Big Dave. It is made up of junkyard parts but mostly consists of hard parts like the backing plates that make no real difference how old they are. He provides everything you need to build the system, including calipers, backing plates, and the mounting studs. I also got the emergency brake cable from him. The only things you need to purchase from the parts store are new rotors and brake pads. I just tell them its a 1998 Grand Cherokee, but any year of ZJ would work. Unfortunately I didnt film the assembly of the rotor and caliper, but it is identical to any disc brake job so its not hard to put the final steps together on your own. The new braking is much better than the drum brakes and I highly recommend making the conversion.

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