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Bison Coolers Softpak Comparison Review: Original vs XD plus Discount Code.

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

I did a real world test of the Softpak 12 Original versus the Softpak 24 XD. I pre-chilled them in my freezer first, then placed in each a frozen water bottle and a refrigerated Dr. Pepper. I use the frozen water bottles often when we are going to be traveling or on the trail so that we have spare water when it thaws. The test isn't exactly apples to apples because of the size difference and extra air space but the results were still impressive for a "Day" cooler. After 12 hours, With only one frozen water bottle in each, the glass Dr. Pepper bottle rose in temperature only 5.7 degrees in the Original, and amazingly 3.3 degrees in the XD. For me that makes a minimal difference between pulling the drink out of the refrigerator and pulling it out of the cooler.You can use the discount code to get $5 off any orders over $100 and free shipping Here

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