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Rezistent Gear Billow Strap Upgrade 1.5"

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

Ive run my "test mule" 1 inch straps for 4 years now with zero problems, but have had customers wanting to upgrade their factory straps to 1.5" and I have obliged. They have sent me pics of how that size fits the mounting location better, allowing all the screws to make contact with the webbing. With my reinforcement of the webbing I never had a problem with the 1" size, but went ahead and put a 1.5" upgrade on my own Tepui tent. A customer had told me it looks like the way the factory should have done it, and after install, I would have to agree. These are available in the store here. Due to different lengths of tents, they are a custom product requiring measurement of the factory webbing. Still Made in USA of Cordura webbing and ITW Nexus hardware. Reminder to make sure your cover zipper is in good functioning condition, as billow straps are a secondary safety measure.

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