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Rinsekit Pod Review Test and Tips

This Review Test is for the Rinsekit Pod. I tested with a Pressure Booster and then also with Home Hose pressure only. I timed the stream of water and then viewed how much water was left in the Pod. Some tips for using the Rinsekit Pod are to make sure the On/Off valve is where it needs to be when it needs to be. If you are using the Pressure Booster make sure the water hose On/Off valve is turned off to build pressure. The Shower Head has multiple settings that will determine how long the water lasts but I used the shower setting to stay consistent with both tests. It seemed the Pressure would build better with the Pod laying horizontal than when it was sitting upright while pumping. Also make sure that the Shower Handle is firmly inserted into the quick connect to avoid overspray and wasting of pressure. With the Pressure Booster I think the Rinsekit Pod makes a good emergency or trail shower. Without the Pressure Booster I was left with excess water and no pressure left. Using the home water pressure results will vary depending on what kind of pressure you have coming out of the pipes, but for me the Pressure Booster is a valuable addition.

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